MoP: Glyphek és Inscription Staff

Azt már tudjuk, hogy Inscription téren lesznek változások. Többek közt építhetünk magunknak csinos kis staffokat, mint például ez a lvl 85-től hordható szépség.
Alant pedig a régi és új glypheket találjátok ömlesztve.

Death Knight
    Glyph of Anti-Magic Shell – Causes your Anti-Magic Shell to absorb all incoming magical damage, up to the absorption limit.
    Glyph of Dancing Rune Weapon – Increases your threat generation by 100% while your Dancing Rune Weapon is active, but reduces the parry chance gained by 5%.
    Glyph of Dark Simulacrum – Reduces the cooldown of Dark Simulacrum by (30000/-1000) and increases its duration by 4 sec.
    Glyph of Death and Decay – Your Death and Decay also reduces the movement speed of enemies within its radius by 50%.
    Glyph of Death Coil – Your Death Coil spell is now usable on all allies. When cast on a non-undead ally, Death Coil shrouds them with a protective barrier that absorbs up to ((0+0.495*AP)*1) damage.
    Glyph of Death Grip – Increases the cooldown of Death Grip by 10 sec but stuns targets for 1 sec.
    Glyph of Enduring Infection – Your diseases are undispellable, but their damage dealt is reduced by 30%.
    Glyph of Icy Touch – Your Icy Touch dispels one helpful Magic effect from the target.
    Glyph of Mind Freeze – Increases the interrupt duration of your Mind Freeze ability by 1 sec, but also raises its cost by 20 Runic Power.
    Glyph of Amberskin Protection – Reduces the chance you’ll be critically hit by 25% while Barkskin is active.
    Glyph of Cat Form – Increases healing done to you by 20% while in Cat Form.
    Glyph of Claw – Your Claw and Mangle (Cat) attacks reduce the movement speed of the target by 50% for 12 sec.
    Glyph of Cyclone – Increases the range of your Cyclone spell by 4 yards.
    Glyph of Fae Silence – Faerie Fire used in Bear Form also silences the target for 3 sec, but triggers a 15 sec cooldown.
    Glyph of Frenzied Regeneration – While Frenzied Regeneration is active healing effects on you are 40% more powerful, but causes your Frenzied Regeneration to cost 60 Rage initially and no longer convert rage into health.
    Glyph of Grace – Feline Grace reduces falling damage even while not in Cat Form.
    Glyph of Healing Touch – When you cast Healing Touch, the cooldown on your Swiftmend is reduced by 1 sec.
    Glyph of Lifebloom – While not in Tree of Life Form, casting Lifebloom on a new target grants that target as many applications as the old target had.
    Glyph of Mark of the Wild – Mana cost of your Mark of the Wild reduced by 90%.
    Glyph of Master Shapeshifter – Reduces the mana cost of all shapeshifts by 90%.
    Glyph of Might of Ursoc – Increases the health gain from Might of Ursoc by 20%, but increases the cooldown by 2.0 min.
    Glyph of Nature’s Grasp – Reduces the cooldown of Nature’s Grasp by (30000/-1000) sec.
    Glyph of Prowl – Reduces the movement penalty of Prowl by 100%.
    Glyph of Regrowth – Increases the critical strike chance of your Regrowth by 40%, but removes the periodic component of the spell.
    Glyph of Shred – While Berserk or Tiger’s Fury is active, Shred and Ravage have no positional requirement.
    Glyph of Skull Bash – Increases the duration of your Skull Bash interrupt by 4 sec, but increases the cooldown by 10 sec.
    Glyph of Stampede – You can now cast Stampeding Roar without being in Bear Form or Cat Form.
    Glyph of Stampeding Roar – Increases the radius of Stampeding Roar by 30 yards.
    Glyph of Stars – Your Moonkin Form ability is replaced with Astral Form, conferring all the same benefits, but now appearing as an astrally enhanced version of your normal humanoid form.
    Glyph of Survival Instincts – Reduces the cooldown of Survival Instincts by (60000/-1000) sec, but reduces its duration by 50%.
    Glyph of the Chameleon – Each time you shapeshift into Cat Form or Bear Form, your shapeshifted form will have a random hair color.
    Glyph of the Orca – Your Aquatic Form now appears as an Orca.
    Glyph of the Predator – Your Track Humanoids ability now also tracks beasts.
    Glyph of the Stag – Your Travel Form now appears as a Stag and can be used as a mount by party members.
    Glyph of Aimed Shot – If used while your Camouflage is active, your Aimed Shot ability also reduces the target’s movement speed by 50% for 6 sec.
    Glyph of Animal Bond – While your pet is active, all healing done to you and your pet is increased by 10%.
    Glyph of Aspect of the Cheetah – Your Aspect of the Cheetah no longer causes you to be dazed when struck. Instead, the effect is cancelled and all your Aspects are placed on a 4 sec cooldown.
    Glyph of Camouflage – Your Camouflage ability now provides stealth even while moving, but your movement speed while Camouflage is active is reduced by 50%.
    Glyph of Chimera Shot – Increases the healing you receive from Chimera Shot by an additional 5% of your maximum health.
    Glyph of Disengage – Increases the distance you travel when you Disengage.
    Glyph of Endless Wrath – While Bestial Wrath is active, your pet cannot be killed, but can still be damaged.
    Glyph of Explosive Trap – Your Explosive Trap also knocks enemies back from the trap when it explodes.
    Glyph of Icy Solace – Your Freezing Trap also removes all damage over time effects from the target.
    Glyph of Marked for Death – Your Arcane Shot, Chimera Shot, Kill Command, and Explosive Shot abilities automatically apply Hunter’s Mark.
    Glyph of Mend Pet – Gives your Mend Pet spell a chance of cleansing 1 Curse, Disease, Magic or Poison effect from your pet each tick.
    Glyph of Steady Shot – Your Steady Shot now reduces the target’s movement speed by 50% for 6 sec if used on a target within 8 yards.
    Glyph of Tame Beast – Reduces the time required to complete Tame Beast by (4000/-1000) sec.
    Glyph of Tranquilizing Shot – Your Tranquilizing Shot no longer costs Focus, but has a 10 sec cooldown.
    Glyph of Arcane Explosion – Increases the radius of your Arcane Explosion by 5 yards.
    Glyph of Arcane Power – Increases the duration and cooldown of Arcane Power by 100%.
    Glyph of Armors – Reduces the cast time of your Frost Armor, Mage Armor, and Molten Armor spells by (1500/-1000) sec, and increases the defensive effect of each Armor by an additional 10%.
    Glyph of Combustion – Increases the duration of the damage over time effect and the cooldown of Combustion by 100%.
    Glyph of Cone of Cold – Increases the damage done by Cone of Cold by 200%.
    Glyph of Counterspell – Your Counterspell can now be cast while casting or channeling other spells, but its cooldown is increased by 4 sec.
    Glyph of Crittermorph – When cast on critters, your Polymorph spells now last 24 hrs and can be cast on multiple targets.
    Glyph of Deep Freeze – Your Deep Freeze spell no longer has a global cooldown.
    Glyph of Evocation – Your Evocation ability also causes you to regain 60% of your health over its duration. With the Invocation talent, this healing is reduced to 30% of your health. With the Rune of Power talent, you gain 1% of your health per second while standing in your Rune of Power.
    Glyph of Fingers of Frost – Your Fingers of Frost can build up to 3 charges.
    Glyph of Fire Blast – Your Fire Blast and Inferno Blast spells can now also spread Living Bomb.
    Glyph of Frost Nova – Reduces the cooldown of Frost Nova by (5000/-1000) sec.
    Glyph of Frostfire Bolt – Reduces the cast time of Frostfire Bolt by (500/-1000) sec.
    Glyph of Ice Block – When Ice Block terminates, it triggers an instant free Frost Nova and makes you immune to all spells for .
    Glyph of Ice Lance – Your Ice Lance now hits 1 additional target for 50% damage.
    Glyph of Icy Veins – Reduces the cooldown and duration of Icy Veins by 50%.
    Glyph of Loose Mana – Your Mana Gem now restores mana over 6 sec, rather than instantly.
    Glyph of Mana Gem – Your Conjure Mana Gem spell now creates a Brilliant Mana Gem, which holds up to 10 charges.
    Glyph of Remove Curse – Increases the damage you deal by 10% for 10 sec after you successfully remove a curse.
    Glyph of Spellsteal – Spellsteal now also heals you for 10% of your maximum health when it successfully steals a spell.
    Glyph of Enduring Healing Sphere – When attacked, the cast time of your Healing Sphere is reduced by 50%. Stacks up to 2 times.
    Glyph of Expel Harm – Your Expel Harm can now be cast on any friendly target.
    Glyph of Fists of Fury – While channeling Fists of Fury, your chance to dodge melee and ranged attacks is increased by 25%.
    Glyph of Meditation – You can now channel Meditation while moving.
    Glyph of Rapid Healing Sphere – Increases the duration of your Healing Sphere’s by 30 sec.
    Glyph of Avenging Wrath – You are healed for 0% of your maximum health every 4 sec for 20 sec.
    Glyph of Beacon of Light – Removes the global cooldown on Beacon of Light.
    Glyph of Bladed Judgment (NYI) – Your Judgment spell depicts an axe or sword instead of a hammer, if you have an axe or sword equipped.
    Glyph of Blessed Life – While Seal of Insight is active, you have a 50% chance to gain a charge of Holy Power whenever you take direct damage or are affected by a Stun, Fear or Immobilize effect. This effect cannot occur more than once every 20 sec.
    Glyph of Blinding Light – Your Blinding Light now knocks down targets for 3 sec instead of Blinding them.
    Glyph of Cleansing – Your Cleanse will remove one movement impairing effect if cast on yourself.
    Glyph of Consecration – You can now target Consecration anywhere within 25 yards.
    Glyph of Denounce – Increases your Holy damage by 20% for 6 sec.
    Glyph of Divine Plea – Divine Plea now has a 5 sec cast time, but you receive 12% of your total mana instantly and your healing is not reduced.
    Glyph of Divine Storm – Instantly heals the caster for 1% of their total health.
    Glyph of Double Jeopardy – Judging a target increases the damage of your next Judgment by 20%, but only if used on a second target.
    Glyph of Fire From the Heavens – Your Judgment and Hammer of Wrath criticals call down fire from the sky.
    Glyph of Flash of Light – When you Flash of Light a target, it increases your next heal done to that target within 4 sec by 30%.
    Glyph of Focused Wrath – Holy Wrath only affects one target.
    Glyph of Frugal Blessings – Reduces the mana cost of Blessing of Kings and Blessing of Might by 50%.
    Glyph of Hammer of the Righteous – The physical damage reduction caused by Hammer of the Righteous now lasts 50% longer.
    Glyph of Hammer of Wrath – You take 10% less damage for 10 sec after using Hammer of Wrath.
    Glyph of Holy Shock – Decreases the healing of Holy Shock by 50% but increases its damage by 100%.
    Glyph of Illumination – Your Holy Shock criticals grant 1% mana return, but Meditation returns 10% less mana.
    Glyph of Immediate Truth – Increases the instant damage done by Seal of Truth by 20%, but decreases the damage done by Censure by 50%.
    Glyph of Inquisition – Reduces the damage bonus of Inquisition by 10% but increases its duration by 100%.
    Glyph of Protector of the Innocent – Word of Glory also heals you for 20% of the amount.
    Glyph of Righteous Retreat (NYI) – During Divine Shield, you can invoke your Hearthstone 50% faster.
    Glyph of the Battle Healer (NYI) – Using melee attacks while using Seal of Insight heals a nearby injured friendly target, excluding the Paladin, within X yards for X percent of damage dealt.
    Glyph of the Falling Avenger (NYI) – You slow fall during Avenging Wrath.
    Glyph of Word of Glory – Increases your damage by 10% for 6 sec.
    Glyph of Circle of Healing – Your Circle of Healing spell heals 1 additional target, but its mana cost is increased by 35%.
    Glyph of Dispel Magic – Your Dispel Magic spell also damages your target for 0 Holy damage when you successfully dispel a magical effect.
    Glyph of Divinity – Increases the cooldown of your Lay on Hands by 0 min but causes it to give you 10% of your maximum mana.
    Glyph of Enfeeblement – When you critically hit with your Mind Blast, you cause the target to be unable to move for 4 sec.
    Glyph of Flash of Light (???) – 40 yd range, Instant, Requires Spirit of Redemption, Can’t be cast in Shadowform
    Glyph of Fortitude – Reduces the mana cost of your Power Word: Fortitude spell by 90%.
    Glyph of Holy Fire – Your Holy Fire spell is now instant.
    Glyph of Inner Sanctum – Spell damage taken is reduced by 6% while within Inner Fire, and the movement speed bonus of your Inner Will is increased by 6%.
    Glyph of Leap of Faith – Your Leap of Faith spell now also clears all movement impairing effects from your target.
    Glyph of Lightwell – Increases the total amount of charges of your Lightwell by 2.
    Glyph of Penance – Reduces the mana cost of Penance by 20%, but increases the cooldown by 2 sec.
    Glyph of Renew – Your Renew heals for 33% more each time it heals, but its duration is reduced by (3000/-1000) sec.
    Glyph of Spirit of Redemption – Increases the duration of Spirit of Redemption by 10 sec.
    Glyph of Blade Flurry – Your attacks have a 30% higher chance of applying Non-Lethal poisons while Blade Flurry is active.
    Glyph of Debilitation – Your Eviscerate and Envenom abilities also reduce the target’s movement speed by 50% for 6 sec.
    Glyph of Expose Armor – Your Expose Armor ability causes three applications of Weakened Armor.
    Glyph of Feint – Increases the duration of Feint by 2 sec.
    Glyph of Killing Spree – Your Killing Spree returns you to your starting location when the effect ends.
    Glyph of Shadow Walk – Your Shadow Walk ability also increases your stealth detection while active.
    Glyph of Capacitor Totem – Reduces the charging time of your Capacitor Totem by (2000/-1000) sec.
    Glyph of Chaining (NYI) – Doubles the jump distance of your Chain Heal spell, but reduces its healing done by 15%.
    Glyph of Cleansing Waters – When you dispel a harmful Magic or Curse effect from an ally, you also heal the target for 4% of your maximum health.
    Glyph of Earth Shield – Your Earth Shield charges are no longer depleted when taking damage, but Earth Shield’s duration is reduced to 45 sec.
    Glyph of Feral Spirit – Increases the healing done by your Feral Spirits’ Spirit Hunt by 40%.
    Glyph of Fire Elemental Totem – Reduces the cooldown and duration of your Fire Elemental Totem by 40%.
    Glyph of Flame Shock – Increases the duration of your Flame Shock by 25%, but reduces the initial damage dealt by 25%.
    Glyph of Ghost Wolf – While in Ghost Wolf form, you are less hindered by effects that would reduce movement speed.
    Glyph of Healing Storm – Each application of Maelstrom Weapon also increases your healing done by 20%.
    Glyph of Healing Stream Totem – When your Healing Stream Totem heals an ally, it also reduces their Fire, Frost, and Nature damage taken by 10% for 6 sec.
    Glyph of Lava Burst – Your Lava Burst spell will always be a critical strike regardless of the presence of Flame Shock on the target, but it deals 5% less damage.
    Glyph of Lava Lash – Your Lava Lash ability no longer spreads Flame Shock to nearby targets.
    Glyph of Riptide – Your Riptide no longer has a cooldown, but also no longer instantly heals the targeted ally.
    Glyph of Spiritwalker’s Grace – Increases the duration of your Spiritwalker’s Grace by 5 sec.
    Glyph of Telluric Currents – Reduces the damage dealt by your Lightning Bolt spell by 30%, but causes it to restore mana equal to 50% of damage dealt.
    Glyph of Totemic Vigor – Increases the health of your totems by 10% of your maximum health.
    Glyph of Unleashed Lightning – Your Lightning Bolt takes 5% longer to cast, but may be cast while moving.
    Glyph of Water Shield – Increases the passive mana generation of your Water Shield by 10%, but Water Shield no longer activates when you receive damage.
    Glyph of Wind Shear – Increases the school lockout duration of Wind Shear by 1 sec, but also increases the cooldown by 3 sec.
    Glyph of Healing Storm – Each application of Maelstrom Weapon also increases your healing done by 20%.
    Glyph of Totemic Encirclement – When you cast a totem spell, you also place unempowered totems for any elements that are not currently active. These totems have 5 health and produce no other effects.
    Glyph of Burning Embers – Increases your maximum Burning Embers by 1.
    Glyph of Carrion Swarm – Your Carrion Swarm no longer knocks targets back.
    Glyph of Conflagrate – Reduces the movement speed reduction of Conflagrate to 100% and increases the duration by 100%.
    Glyph of Curse of Exhaustion – Curse of Exhaustion now reduces the targets movement speed by ((30+40)*-1)%, lasts half as long and has a 20 second cooldown.
    Glyph of Demon Hunting – Demonic Fury now reduces damage taken instead of increasing damage dealt. In addition, while using Metamorphosis, Soulshatter taunts your target, Twilight Ward will absorb all schools of damage and Demonic Slash is shorter range and generates fury.
    Glyph of Demonic Training (Voidwalker) – Maximum health increased by 20%.
    Glyph of Eye of Kilrogg – Your Eye of Kilrogg is no longer stealthed and can now place your Demonic Circle. In addition, the movement speed of your Eye of Kilrogg is increased by 50% and allows it to fly in areas where flying mounts are enabled.
    Glyph of Felguard – Your Felguard will equip a random two-handed axe, sword or polearm from your backpack.
    Glyph of Health Funnel – Your health funnel instantly restores 0% of your demon’s health, but has a 10 sec. cooldown.
    Glyph of Healthstone – You receive 100% more healing from using a healthstone, but the health is restored over 10 sec.
    Glyph of Nightmares – Your Felsteed and Dreadsteed can cross water while running and leave a trail of flames.
    Glyph of Shadowflame – Your Shadowflame also applies a 70% movement speed slow to its victims, but Metamorphosis no longer reduces the duration of Stuns or Snares.
    Glyph of Soul Shards – Increases your maximum Soul Shards by 1.
    Glyph of Unstable Affliction – When Unstable Affliction is removed, it instantly deals critical damage to both the target and the dispeller, but no longer silences.
    Glyph of Blitz – Your Charge stuns an additional 2 nearby targets.
    Glyph of Bloodcurling Shout – Your Battle Shout and Commanding Shout terrify small animals.
    Glyph of Bloodthirst – Increases the healing of Bloodthirst by 100%.
    Glyph of Bloody Healing (NYI) – Increases the healing you receive from bandages by 20% while your Deep Wounds is active.
    Glyph of Bull Rush – Increases the duration of your Charge stun by 1 sec.
    Glyph of Burning Anger – You get so angry when Enraged that you catch on fire.
    Glyph of Cleaving – Increases the number of targets your Cleave hits by 1, or 3 when Enraged.
    Glyph of Death from Above – Reduces the cooldown on Heroic Leap by (15000/-1000) sec.
    Glyph of Enduring Victory – Increases the window of opportunity in which you can use Victory Rush or Impending Victory by 5 sec.
    Glyph of Enraged Speed – While Enraged, you move 20% faster.
    Glyph of Gag Order – Your Pummel, Heroic Throw and Storm Bolt hits silence the target for 3 sec.
    Glyph of Gushing Wound – Your Bloodthirst critical strikes are even bloodier than normal.
    Glyph of Hamstring – Using Hamstring reduces the cost of your next Hamstring by 100%.
    Glyph of Heavy Repercussions (NYI) – While your Shield Block is active, your Shield Slam hits for an additional 50% damage.
    Glyph of Hoarse Voice – Reduces the cooldown and rage generation of your Battle and Commanding Shout by 50%.
    Glyph of Hold the Line – Improves the damage of your next Revenge by 50% following a successful parry.
    Glyph of Long Shout – Increases the duration by 2 min of Battle Shout and Commanding Shout.
    Glyph of Mortal Strike (NYI) – When your Mortal Strike is affecting a target, healing effects on you are increased by 10%.
    Glyph of Murder of Crows – Your Execute critical strikes summon a flock of carrion birds.
    Glyph of Overpower – Cleave hits increases the damage of your next Overpower by 10%.
    Glyph of Raging Wind – Your Raging Blow hits increase the damage of your next Whirlwind by 0%.
    Glyph of Recklessness – Recklessness no longer increases damage taken.
    Glyph of Resonating Power – Reduces the damage by 20% and increases the duration by 20% of your Thunder Clap.
    Glyph of Rude Interruption – Succesfully interrupting a spell with Pummel increases your damage by 5% for 30 sec.
    Glyph of Shield Slam – Your Shield Slam now dispels 1 magical effect.
    Glyph of Spell Reflection – Reduces the cooldown on Spell Reflection and Mass Spell Reflection by (5000/-1000) sec.
    Glyph of Thunder Strike – Your Thunder Clap visual includes a lightning strike.
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